• 59725 Niamey II Accent Chair By Acme


    Looking at the fine lines and beautiful curves, this relaxing Niamey living room set features smooth fabric, exposed wood trim, track style arms and contrasting pillows. This upholstered pieces will become the focal point of any living room. Subtle upholstery in the softest of hues is the essence of a simpler time and place.

    Tight Back & Seat Cushion (1+1) •• CONSTRUCTION •• SEAT: Full Foam; Inside Frame: Wood () • BACKREST: Tight Cushion • ARMREST: High Shelter (Flared) • Metal Base & Spindle LEG, Size: 5" ••• Material: Fabric (Checkered Pattern) • Pillow NOT Included


      • Size: 32" x 32" x 31"H
      • Finish: Pattern Fabric & Metal
      • Materials: Upholstery, Metal Leg